Years of Winter

by Existem

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released September 14, 2012

Music and Lyrics by Existem
Produced by Anthony Richkas at That Studio with Cats
Artwork by Valerie LeMaster



all rights reserved


Existem Kansas City, Kansas

Originally forming in May of 2010, Existem have emerged as a progressive force in the Kansas City music scene, combining bursts of technicality, subtle progressions, ambient instrumental passages and jazz phrasing to express their unique sound. New single Closed Eyes out now! ... more

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Track Name: Equals
And at the same time
That I have given up
Forgiving what’s mine
Forget whatever was
I take a deep breath
And I let it out
Start with a whisper
(And end it with a shout)

I was the cradle of life
I held you in my arms
Was that not enough for you?

Careful now my children
(Part the sea, I'll burn the sky)
We all have a place in this
(Cut it down, I'll claim what’s mine)
I can help you help yourselves
(Keep your faith, I want more)
Taken from a path of life to death so cold and within sight of you
Track Name: Slay the Giant
Have I the power?
The means to persevere?
This mountain lives
Here we are alone

Your guiding light
Carries me to my task
Your secrets kept
Diverge me from the truth
My skin crumbles
Like the earth below me

I am the giant
In me is all
I am the giant
From me goes all
I am the giant
In me breathes all
I am the giant
Lives to end all
Track Name: Years of Winter
The sun has forgotten my name
Like a prodigal, never seen again
I look up, through my blackened eyes
Long enough for a glimpse goodbye

Hail, (my god)
Fall, (to dust)

This mask of smoke and soil
Is this the end for us?

I bare my bones of earth and stone
(This coronation)
I salt my skin and reach within
(My resignation)
A prayer for warmth and honesty
(No restitution)
My children sought to bury me
(My persecution)

No yellow sun nor silver moon
(This frozen wasteland)
My final breath is coming soon
(Killed by my own hand)

Snow is falling from frozen skies
Cover me with your cold
Years go by in my sleep of death
I dream of life again
Track Name: Natural State
Bring back this world
Back to the age
Of life and conservation
To the age when trees did grow

You’ve killed this Earth
These dead and desolate lands
You’ve burned them to the ground

This planet longs to be green again

It can be saved
With balanced nature behold
This world’s natural beauty

This planet wants to be blue again

Bring it back
It was good
It was pure
But no more

There is hope
There is light
We can make
Our choices right


This primal drive
To conquer the world
Will leave us nothing but the
Barren lands
We created
Track Name: She Speaks
Through time
There have
Been signs
Of her

The rain
The wind
She tries
But no one hears her

Messages lost through carelessness
Keep her trapped inside herself

She speaks
We ignore
This message
From earth
Track Name: A Message from Earth
Save me.