by Existem

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    Produced by Anthony Richkas
    Mastered by Existem
    Cover by Valérie LeMaster

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released April 21, 2011

Produced by Anthony Richkas
Mastered by Existem
Cover by Valérie LeMaster



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Existem Kansas City, Kansas

Originally forming in May of 2010, Existem have emerged as a progressive force in the Kansas City music scene, combining bursts of technicality, subtle progressions, ambient instrumental passages and jazz phrasing to express their unique sound. New single Closed Eyes out now! ... more

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Track Name: Embryonic
reaching to escape this entrapment
so I may finally see
this tangle of lives I exist in
consuming every part of me

fragments pulsing, colliding,
masquerading the false sense
of attaining autonomy, through which
we have fallen astray to the point
of our imminent descent into chaos

we must contain this fear
repent among the silent

the subconscious struggle to
sustain equal balance
has been collapsed into oblivion

your life is subject
to the walls which you create
thrown up to disguise your vast atrocities

climb out of this hole
attempt to reclaim your soul
this is our eternity
an infinite stream

now I am free, flying endlessly through the sea

kill of the thought of pre-concieved
notions that you can not achieve rebirth
Track Name: From Whence We Came
realize this universal fact of life
consciousness will define the fine line
between fallacies and reality

all the minds that create
they love, have, and annotate
shaped by cosmic powers you can't fathom

recreate your mind
leave the ones behind
who can not
resonate with those around you

feel the ascension lift you up and bring you back
bask in the light, to return to the origin
from whence we came

fleeting fractals of light
racing through space and time
know that we are gods of of this earth

This carbon based malicious race
exists to serve its system, we fall prey
Track Name: Astral Seas
Falling further into your mind
searching for the keys to unlock
meaning to the answers of the
sea of dreams which float before me

Journey into the abyss
of the random excess thoughts
controlled by your mind
swimming through the ocean
of thoughts you can't create when you rise

You've stepped foot in my mind
you won't find the answers here
but don't forget your way
there's nothing to fear
Track Name: Flatline
slipping through the universe
as I lay dormant in space
I think I have found my place
far away from this discordant race

gripping tighter, day by day
asphyxiating the masses
with this world set ablaze
we are shrouded in an endless haze

gripping tighter, day by day
lacerating the master's slaves

I have found peace
stretching through the horizon
Devoid of all inhibitions

time is collapsing
reaching through the event horizon
through space and time, we will align
and I am finally free

what's always confused me
has entered inside
it's killed off my body
but opened my eyes

we exist within a system.
we cannot escape its grasp.